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Frequently Asked Questions

I subscribe to a credit information source that specializes in gathering dispossessory information from the courthouses. Can L2L® do this also?

Yes. We have a direct link to over 1,600 databases and access to over 100 million public records in more than 50 states.

Can L2L® supply criminal history data?

Yes. Our criminal records gateway has millions of records from 35 states we deliver directly to your computer screen and can supply all 50 states with hands on searches.

Can I also access your system if I own a Macintosh?

Yes. Anyone capable of accessing the Internet can access our database directly or fax us your applications for our staff to input for you.

Will I have to enter my residents name, address, SS# and all other information each time I enter the database?

NO!!! The first time you enter your resident to search for their presence will be the most data you will ever have to enter. From there you are only updating that file already entered.

Does that mean if I rent to them and then they move out as good or bad residents, I can go to the database and update their file in order to report their credit to the credit reporting bureaus?

Yes- now you’re catching on. One entry only and then only minor updates, click in the box that says report to CBI and click submit is all that's necessary.

What if I do not want to report them to the credit reporting bureau?

Then do not click in the report to CBI box. But since data base updates are free/ no cost to you we ask that you do report back their updated information.

I do not understand how this Landlord Web works. Can you explain more?

It could be that the process is so simple that we think that there has to be more too it. Many of the larger apartment or other community owners who have direct access and ample staff, do a good job of reporting their data to the credit bureaus. This makes any of their prior clients information about credit worthiness, while at their property, very public.

Is there not a period of time that I would not know this information if I pulled this a CBI on this individual and the community had not yet reported this person?

Yes!! It can take up to 30 days for a landlord to know exactly what the final cost or bills that may of been left behind by a prior resident and even if they file the report the day this person moved from the property there can be many weeks of lag time before the credit bureau gets to the data inputting into their system.

Then what is the difference in L2L's lag time before data is reported?

The difference is that the person’s name is in the database with a landlord’s contact information attached. Then it is a simple matter of making a phone call to get the final status.

Can I track the movement of applicants applying at different communities?

Yes!! This movement takes away the ability of the habitually sneaky to not report a previous landlord, or to apply at one community with information that gets them turned down, only to change that information on their next application. When you pull up the information on the database and the application the applicant made yesterday at another community had a different current address, you may know something is wrong.

What if they're really brave and try changing their Social Security number?

No problem! We also perform our searches by last name, and give you a detailed list of Last Names, SS#, birth dates, and middle initials to compare your applicant too.

Many times I have called landlords for credit information only to find out their files are deleted after two or three years, will this be the same way L2L® reports data?

NO! We will definitely retain information for up to ten years depending on the information type.

What if I turned down the applicant?

Then simply check the box in the database that gives you three options. You declined rental, the applicant refused rental terms, or approved application- applicant did not return to complete lease.

What if one of my current residents applies to a community across town when I did not know they were planning to relocate?

Knowing that you are about to have a unit come empty before the resident begs you to please let them be a week late with their rent check. Could this possibly have a positive affect on our bottom line?

Can I determine whether an applicant sitting in my office has been evicted from another community?

That is what the L2L® system is all about. A finely woven Web of Information that closes the Money Gap that so many landlord’s bottom lines have slowly disappeared into.

Wouldn't I first have to have my current residents listed in the database?

Yes. For every positive affect there has to be a little effort involved. But remember that in the future only one input is required at the time of processing the file for your credit approval.

If word gets out to my residents that it could be very hard to rent again if they screw up while leasing from me, it might be a very good reason for residents to complete the terms of their rental/lease agreement in good standing. Right?

Yes. We have already seen this happen in the test area that this system was developed in. Residents knew of the database and wanted to make sure they were in good standing in the database.

What if I have thousands of previous files I would like to report but do not have the manpower to do it?

L2L® will arrange for a local temp agency in your area to be set up with the proper software to input the data into in order to expedite the process. There is no charge for the software or L2L's involvement, but the temp agency will bill their time directly to you.

I have my current resident data in a database. Can I send this data to you to be loaded into the Internet site?

Yes. There are many different ways for us to accept data while saving you the time of manually inputting this data. Contact us for additional information.

I currently pay much more for less service. Is there a mistake in L2L's pricing?

The World Wide Web has made many businesses more efficiently operated. We can now reach a much larger market with a much smaller staff and pass along the savings to you.

What if I have a concern that is not covered in this area?

Please contact us and fill out the form at the bottom with the information you are requesting. Your question will be answered by e-mail or fax and by posting it to this area.


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