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We’re Transforming the Internet Into the RenterNet!

"I use the database religiously. I've been using it 3 to 4 years now. I look at it even closer than the Credit Reports. But adding Landlord2Landlord® to them has made it all pretty much bulletproof. I don't have any more horror stories because I can now stop them from getting into the property. It has eliminated A TON of office work and freed me up from the hours and hours and hours I used to spend screening renters. And now I've got it easier than any other property owners I know who do not have it. But nothing says it better than this: I once had a 10-12% annual loss of income; I have maybe 1% now."

Andy Galloway, Georgia

"I've had pretty good success with it even though none of my Managers have computers. I've got FAX machines on each of my 4 properties programmed for L2L® speed dial we submit each application right out of their hands and it always comes back shortly. Every single application coming in and every resident moving out. I require it. That current. I want the database to be totally accurate from this end. And because of other people doing the same and taking the time to put their information in I've been saved a lot of hassle. I've rejected people simply because of the information I've received from the database. And I feel that that is a serious benefit. The kind of data I've received justifies me spending the time & money. There's really no way to know an exact dollar figure I've saved from an applicant I've rejected. Some people I've said No to, I have no idea if they would've made me a fortune or cost me a fortune. But the kind of information I've obtained from the L2L® RenterNet® shows me often that I don't even want to take the chance."

Bret Whiteside, Georgia

"I remember the beginning because I was part of it. Back then, all the properties were afraid to talk to each other because of some sense of competition. And everybody was being hurt by it; by standing alone. I, for one, came to work one morning to find an evicted tenant who owed me money standing near the fence of the next property sticking her tongue out at me and flipping me the bird. I said: this is gonna stop. I begged every property I could find listed to share tenant rosters, to have regular meetings, to come together against this. We all went to a uniform application form. We set up a central voice mail system, using a common number, to record everyone's evictions and the like. Each person in charge was responsible for calling in to listen. We united: we compared Lease Agreements; we had attorneys come in to address us on legal necessities, non-necessities, streamlining procedures. Suddenly, there was camaraderie. We all started being less pointlessly competitive. We all agreed on things like, if we were in full occupancy, to send our lookers your way if you're not. It was great.........Almost right away, word got out & about the renter community that this large group of properties is communicating about us. People would come apply and try to throw us off the check, saying things like, "Well, I know such and such and so and so and they think I'm just fine." "Great," I'd say, "let me just give 'em a quick call." You should have seen the faces. Dropped. Suddenly, there's something they've got to get out of the car...and they're gone. But it's only off to the next rental property for the same thing. There got to be nowhere they could go. Well, not close anyway. But some us have properties in different counties, and these people would show up there, unknowing, and be in for a real surprise. I've even had some of these same problem-children show up again and ask "Well, is there anyone that you know who rents who isn't in your system?" Almost whimpering for a place that would take them, because only a place that didn't know and couldn't know would qualify them. Now they're out of the system...or out of our system...because they can't penetrate it. At least here, as a local effect, we've seen a change in the way tenants behave. They know. They know that we know.

"Now, as for the present, beyond all my help with the L2L® RenterNet® at the start (I assembled more or less the first 5000 names.) I couldn't follow through on exactly what it fully needed the way that Ken Lemal has. And now look at it. Now anyone will get to benefit. I'll never exactly know how much it has saved me; I'll never know how much this has saved all of us. But it's simple: If you owe another property money, you don't get in; anywhere in the RenterNet®. Pay up wherever you owe...or get turned down everywhere you go. By standing united, we've all collected monies we would have never collected otherwise. And I would say that due to the system, all of the back money I have collected, and a lot of the losses I have been spared, was knowledge gained from the organization."

Staci Williams, Georgia

"Oh, we use it quite frequently. We wouldn't think of renting without checking Landlord2Landlord®. We've cut down everything; Dispossories, Midnight Move-Outs, Bad Behaviors; 75%. So there's money saved right there. We once had no way to check anyone out reliably prior to L2L®: it's so easy to get people to lie for you. We also save many hours. People who know we're on the database, who know they won't pass, don't even call us anymore. We also don't waste any more time showing properties to unsuitable residents. Reports of Bad Credit we can safely ignore; but record of Bad Tenancy we just can't. I'm not sure what we would have done without Ken Lemal. Maybe we wouldn't even still be in business?"

Linda Walden, Georgia


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